Smooth motion without vsync enabled

I do it much more smooth when I use nanoTime() against currentTimeMillis()

I think it cannot be better without vsnyc now. Any more tips for this code? Thank you.

Well you could use the the timer Class from LWJGL (ot sure if it is really better, but I think there is a reason why it exists)

dont calculate the passed time yourself. in simpleUpdate you get the float parameter time (or tpf sometimes). it is the amount of time in seconds passed since the last update cycle. if you want the animation to last 5 seconds then use tpf / 5f and update with that value.

Thank you, I found tpf and timer.getTime() looks like nanoseconds precision, I will use it…

I found timer.getTime() returns nanosecods only in JOGL, when LWJGL used then time returns milliseconds…

i cant really imagine that the jerkiness results from inaccurate timer, milliseconds should be accurate enough.

do you take the time per frame into account when moving objects?