Smooth transition from one gamestate to another?

Hi again everyone,

I've been looking into TransitionGameState and LoadGameState, and have gotten a smooth loading sequence starting off the game and fading into the first scene. My Game should be organized roughly as such:

InitialLoading > StoryGameState > EditorGameState > StoryGameState

However, I'm having trouble getting a smooth transition from one (active) game state to the next. I'd think the solution would go as such:

  1. Create TransitionGameState and tell it to fade out the preceding GameState
  2. Activate the following GameState
  3. Tell the TransitionGameState that it's finished loading.

    What I want is that the "following" GameState would not show at all until everything is ready, so that we can have a smooth transition from the preceding to the following. However, this is not what happens. Rather, the following GameState is abruptly replacing the preceding one, and then the TransitionGameState is placed on top of that and fading out.

TransitionGameState tgs = new TransitionGameState(GameStateManager.getInstance().getChild("story"), (URL) null);
tgs.setProgress(0, "");
tgs.setProgress(1, "");

Is there any easy way to fade one GameState into another, preferable without "LOADING" etc. showing up?