Smoothing Edges of 3D Model? Help!

I want to ask if there is a way inside jME to smooth edges.

With 3D Studio Max I get some not-so-good-looking solutions.

Inside 3D Studio Max the model looks great (also in Maya), but after exporting (–>3ds),

some edges have lost their smoothing.

Now I want to see some other results and choose the best.

Two ways to solve this problem. Eliminated it or solve it

I don't know about the exporter you're using, but if you want to upload the 3ds I'll have a look.

Would it help to send the model?

Yes, it's due to bad normals. Smooth use normals to make a fade between faces when they are ligthed.

Or maybe if normals are correct, had a ShadeState like they said.

Try to show normals in debug or to check the importer/exporter ?

Do you mean multisampling?

In Simplegame for example multisampling is off by default.

public abstract class BaseSimpleGame {
     * Number of samples to use for the multisample buffer. Any changes must be made prior to call of start().
    protected int samples = 0;

Not sure…

Normally it’s called smoothing


I'm pretty sure it's antialiasing you're looking for.  :slight_smile:

I think you mean the "triangulation" to come up with a word for it that the model shows - and you want the jacket area in the image to appear smooth?

This was something I was wondering about a while ago, and my guess is its because the normals on the model are not getting exported properly? If you can display the model and use the "display normals" option in simplegame (or any of the other basic game handlers that have the option) you should be able to see if this is the problem as the vertexes at the corner of the "creases" will have more than one normal . . . .

This is just my guess tho, I never got so far as to test it :slight_smile:

Its likely a setting in the exporter you are using. To be sure, are you talking about faces or edges?

Thanks for the fast reply!

The exporter I use is 3D Studio Max itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope that's not the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

I will give antialiasing a shot.

The characters will become MD5 (animation), maybe that solve the problem.

Worst case, you have to bear with ugly surfaces^^

hey there,

he is talking about NURBS or splines & patches i guess. anyway i dont know if it works in jme but i guess not, you will just have to subdivide your faces in 3dsmax and export with higher polygon count if the model is too edgy for you.

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And setting a ShadeState renderstate ( ShadeState.StateType.Blend ) is not what you are looking for?

basixs  probably meant ShadeMode.Smooth :slight_smile:

How to use ShadeState or ShadeMode.Smooth?

I did indeed coredump, thx

DarkPhoenixX: Just like any other renderstate I believe :slight_smile:

I don't know about 3ds, but the OBJ format has the concept of "smoothing groups" that smooths the normals between adjacent faces to make the lighting smoother (or at least I think it's something like this haven't looked at the code for a while).  The Blender modeling tool has a "set smooth" option that enables this and then the exporter picks this up and adds faces to smoothing groups.  I haven't used 3D Studio Max, but it probably has a similar option and if you can't get 3ds export format to work maybe try the wavefront object (OBJ)?

I tried Antialiasing and Shade Mode.

Haven't notice any different. I get no error but I don't notice any change…

I played really long with ShadeState,I tried different combinations --> no changes

Code to compare:



        ShadeState ss = display.getRenderer().createShadeState();



Maybe someone can give me a simple example, please'?

I'm a bit frustrated…

It is very probably just the normals like JOC said?

Yeah, 3D Studio is able to smooth, but the export results look different and that disturb me. :expressionless:

Would be great to use "smoothing" inside jME.

Probably I will use both variants at the same time.

Model Link:

(It's only 10 times possible, so please only if you want to help)

Sure enough it’s the normals. (Really nice model btw  :D). The problem is more visible without textures.



Using show normals (‘n’) in SimpleGame shows the problem:

Each vertex has a different normal for every face

Smooth normals

I hope someone else can give a pointer on how to export it with the smooth normals intact, as I don’t use the same tools.

I just used Milkshape smooth all.