"smoothing" geometries


I would very much like to “smooth” the geometries in my scene.
What do I mean by “smoothing”? Well, the geometry is drawn through pixels. Therefore the contour of the shape (box, sphere, you name it…) could be “pixelized”. If, say, one of the box’s edges is not a horizontal / vertical straight line, then it would appear not as a “smooth line”. Here is a scheme to demonstrate what I mean if I’m not clear verbally:

For those of you who remembered, in old “office” and browser versions, letters suffered from this problem too, until a “smoothing” design came to handle all the “non straight vertical/horizontal lines” display. I wonder if there’s a built in way to do the same (could be complicated, that’s OK) to make my geometries look nicer.
If there is no built in way, I thought of one practical workaround: create a texture for the geometry material, which “blends” with the color of the background (assuming the background color is fixed…) therefore giving some illusion of smoothness. But I wish there was some other better way. If you know of any, I’ll really appreciate it, even just a point at the right direction :slight_smile:


You mean anti aliasing? Either set an AA value when the app starts (the 2x, 4x etc. setting) or use the FXAA filter.


Yes. I mean anti aliasing!
Thank you, I didn’t even know what exactly I was looking for until you told me! :slight_smile:


Just tested it and it does exactly what I wanted with perfect results.
I wanted to thank you again and say how awesome it is to have a native Java 3D engine that works so easily and lets me focus on coding and designing rather than on the otherwise very difficult graphical issues. Chapeau :slight_smile:


Wow, a whopping 3 thumbs for that answer ^^ Thanks, I think I can say I speak for all developers when I say thats the intention :smiley: Keep having fun designing and learning :slight_smile: