Snapshot and Thank you

I just want to share with you the first snapshot of my learning project, it might look trivial to professional developer here, but I did not expect to reach this state in few days.

I make it using Makehuman, cmu bvh, this cave model is temporary not mine,

ofcourse I spend a lot of times, deal with makehuman and makewalk, and do some fixes to the scripts, and corrupted ogre3d generated by blender addon on blender 2.75a, but it is not jmonkey issues

the documentation and forum, answer every question and challenge face me.

this is my first ever trial with making a game.

BTW: I added ambient light to make a snapshot clear for you :smile:

Did I said thank you very much yet


Nice! Much better than my own first steps in 3D game development :slight_smile:

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I am a Java EE developer, so I used to find my way through things ;).

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