Snapshots on maven central?

Would it be possible to get snapshots to publish on maven central? Not asking for past snapshots, but any new ones?

The problem I am running into (that has existed prior to the move to maven central) is because the snapshots on jitpack use a different package name com.github.jMonkeyEngine.jmonkeyengine than the normal jme packages org.jmonkeyengine when I am using snapshots, any libraries I have still pull in the normal jme. This is due to when gradle resolved the package versions it sees them as two different packages. Then my application gets two jme libraries, the snapshot and whatever the newest version referenced by the libraries.

This causes classpath issues that are very troublesome to troubleshoot.

If we could put future snapshots to maven central, then they could have the same group ID as the rest of the jme packages and correctly resolve as a newer version.



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SonaType prohibits versions that end in “-SNAPSHOT”, since this suffix indicates a version that is in development.

Once we’ve modified the build scripts to publish to OSSRH, it might be possible to publish weekly (or nightly) builds of the “master” branch.

Is this a requirement of the jitpack magic or did someone just set it up that way “because”?

Ah OK, a nightly build would be awesome.
My application is currently dependent on several features that have been added since 3.3.2 so I am using the jitpack snapshots. But a nightly would work fine too.

What is interesting is the conflicting information on how SonaType works. Here it talks about pushing snapshot versions OSSRH Guide ( Perhaps this is what you mean about publishing to OSSRH?

I’m not sure, I have my GitHub packages under my domain Package io.tlf.monkeynetty.monkey-netty · tlf30/monkey-netty ( And my understanding is that JitPack and GitHub packages are actually the same service just accessed two different ways, but I do not know if JitPack requires the github package or not.

Actually, it does look like you can use org.jmonkeyengine See here: . It requires a DNS entry to prove domain ownership.

Couldn’t you build your own snapshots of the Engine and install them to MavenLocal on your development system?

I think that page is saying we can deploy snapshots to the staging repository but not to the Central Repository. Perhaps the staging repository would work for your purposes.

I used to do that, but it became very problematic trying to keep all my developers on the same snapshot, and keeping our own jme fork in sync was more effort than it was worth considering that snapshots were available from jitpack.

I think this would work fine, it can be publicly accessed?

I don’t know.

This seems like the right solution to me. We already proved domain ownership for maven central so I know it’s possible.