Sneak peek into 3.1, Shader Node editor enhancements

Hello monkeys, here is an overview of the new features of the Shader Node editor.
It comes along a bunch of bug fixes. i hope you’ll enjoy it.


Cool!! :smiley:
Does the visual editor support geometry and tessellation shaders?

Nope, and to be honest, that’s gonna be complicated.

Nice! I hope shader node usage really takes off. It’s really powerful stuff.
I had completely forgot about this, but I created something during the winter that might be tutorial material. (Hence the contribution of the basic math shader nodes).
I wanted to create a fire using a shader and found this tutorial using Unreal’s material editor.

I got pretty close but decided a particle fire was still better.

This is using a yellow/orange/red gradient texture as base texture.

What do you say, would a tutorial be interesting?


Yep would be great to have a tutorial to do this.
I looked into your contributed nodes, thanks a lot it’s gonna be very handy.

On one hand I’d like to have very macro level stock nodes (like PhongLighting for example) to allow very fast out of the box shader building with only wiring several nodes together, and on the other hand I’d like more basic nodes (like TextureFetch) to be able to fine tune shaders and be able to go further into the composition.
Maybe I should add some grouping feature…

But anyway, it seems there are a lot of not well known features, I’m probably to blame for this because I didn’t make more video tutorials about it. I’ll try to make for it in the future.
So if you want to help, I’d be glad!

Hehe, yeah I’m also into fire simulation at work, I read a lot of papers that did complicated things and in the end I also used a particle fire. It’s not great for the fire itself but you can achieve really nice smoke effects very quickly even with JME stock particle emitters

I love how polished and well thought the interface is.

I’m nowhere near ready to write my own shaders, but one day (hopefully) I will.

Do you know when jME 3.1 should be released? I like does new features!

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that a wiki page is 10x more accessible than a video; reasons behind this:

  1. bandwidth: not everybody has the luxury of broadband
  2. speech comprehension: spoken english may be harder to understand to non-native english people
  3. indexability(?): on a wiki page, you can ^F to get the info you need, with a video you can’t.

However, a 20-30 seconds video to show off one single thing just can’t be replaced with a wiki.

That’s true I suppose but for a sneak peak into a new feature perhaps not. Although I do expect some wiki pages to appear later on how to use these things when they are final so to speak and the UI won’t be changing.

Nice work @nehon :smile:

Gorgeous ! :heart_eyes: