SNES Mode7 Effect

I’m looking to get a mode7/doom effect for a retro art style. I’ll probably still want to use some modern 3d effects like bump maps and nice lighting, but I haven’t fully decided. Anyways, any suggestions for how to texture a massive flat surface with tiles? Is the answer shaders?



mutiple quads with GeometryBatchFactory (kinda like the minecraft like games around here do it mostly)

The quads nees more processing, but is more flexible

You just need a texture set to repeat really. Its exactly what happens when you create a new terrain in the terrain editor :?


Should’ve been more specific, I’m looking for grass tiles and desert tiles, etc… like the texture splatting of terrains but with more variety than an alphamap/colour map can offer.

Edit: I guess I’m mostly worried about overhead, like with a really simple game like this would it be better to work with SDL or something?