what is the easiest way to display a sniper scope in jMonkey? Currently I have an scope image centered in the screen but I want to make the rest of the screen black. How would I approach this?

How about you cover all of the screen with a big image that is black (except for the scope and the transparent part)?

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yeh. You would apply a filter after everything has rendered, and just render the image ontop of the resulting quad. Similar @ 30 secs in my video here:

Ah yeah it wasa the video further in the playlist (after the timelapse) where the sniper scope is. That’s exactly the effect I want to have (with an crosshair image and without the green effect).

But I already managed it thanks to the post of @benkibitzer. I made one big image with a transparent part and the scope and then just add that image over the whole scene. Thanks!

sry, posted wrong vid, I corrected it. ok cool