So is anyone using JME3 for android in a game yet?

Looking around it looks like it’s not in a useable state yet, but I’m hoping I’m wrong. As far as I can tell there are 0 other options as far as engines with this feature set (unless you have $2000 to spend).

I just don’t want to spend months developing an android game on JME3 and then discovering it doesn’t actually run on android. :slight_smile:

Just look at the right. An Android renderer stands at the top of the GSoC wishlist :wink: There are also some links to further discussions.

I plan on making a smaller minigame as a test soon. However the current androit rendere does not work reliable on all devices where it should work.

im getting my new HTC desire HD in couple days (ordered yesterday eavening, coming tomorrow or monday).

i hope htc problems get solved asap, im planning to start something small with jme right when it has no problems, before that ill try some 2d apps…

but way before that, my high school final exams started today, about 4 weeks and its all over, then i have months to spend with computing!