Soft particles

I readed some weeks ago that someone is writing soft particles support (topic can be found on google but when clicked the link, it cant find that post any more), is there any progress on that? If not, I can do it using shaders from my old engine…next week I can try to implement it to jme, if nobody else has already made it?

What is soft particles? The particle system in jme3 has lately been updated with support for generic influencers.

Soft particles does calculation so particles against planes does not show hard edges:

(image links from horde3d forum, not mine)

Ah, I see. From what I know nobody is “officially” working on this, so if you can spend some time on this that would be awesome.

Wait there were a viedo here some weeks ago about that, I can remember that. But cant find it either.

i also remember seeing something as well lol, but can’t remember who did it

I think that the guy who works on mTheoryGame made a post about this some time ago.

Well here it is: :wink:

ah yeh that was it, thx

Yes that’s the one.

thetoucher writed: “The plan has been to share this one all along.” so maybe I dont implement my own code, because his soft particles looks better than mine.