Solar System Demo Project

Hi, everyone! I have put together a basic Solar System simulation. You can use this as a basis for your other solar system projects.

There is a sun, 3 planets, and planet 2 has an orbiting satellite.

This project uses normal flycam controls: W A S D Q Z

Please let me know any feedback or suggestions you have. I am going to be further developing this to include a skybox (for universe background) and realistic lighting from the sun.

You can download the latest here: GET IT



Cool, thanks for sharing!

Welcome! :slight_smile:

for space skyboxes, this is quite good:

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@wezrule Thank you! This looks awesome!

I built something similar a few years ago: GitHub - aloucks/solarsystem: Experimenting with jME3

The planetary orbital paths were definitely the hardest bit to get working correctly.

@aaron Very nice! I love the level of detail. I’ll have to download and check this out. From what I’m building on this project, I am just using basic textures, etc.