Soldiers Limit

Hy,my soldier has : 10 int stats and node for body ,how many soldiers might i run in game?

Oh dear… Depends on the complexity of your model. Do you use LODing? How many of them you want to see at once (not the same as simulate at once)? And what kind of minimum requirements you want to set for your games, hardware wise? Lot of variables affect this…

You can run your simulation probably with billions of soldiers or just one. Nobody knows :slight_smile:

Well here is how most models look like
““Do you use LODing?”” i use assetManager.loadModel . I dont know what LODing is :grinning: .
I want to see as mutch as i can (but make some option army size moddifier,for who cant handle too mutch,use reinforcements).For now i just wonder how many units could just stand and animate walking,as AI and movement are simple (game is empty) just move the guy forward and ray cast ground some times to get right Height (may be 2 times each second to not make it visible to player)

Dont worry Link is safe,dont know why they say its not,ive made my home page there



There are so many ways you can optimize a game like that.

For example you can make so that only few soldiers for each army have actual ground checking and animations while the ones around them are just instances of the same soldier, just like how you would do with particles.

Then you said that you have barely any ai and that you can delay ground checking.

So if you have modern hardware and enough commitment i would say that the limit is so high you can just ignore it for now and eventually optimize it later.

Is it possible to do it while ground is really not flat? its really wavy and makes difference in height each meter?
““the ones around them are just instances of the same soldier”” my game is actually FirstPersonFighting ,is it fine to make it this way for personal combat with player? (i know i can make it for some far soldier that just stands ,but one you fight in fps

The best way to find out is to simply try it out.

You haven’t really given us any useful information to figure this out. It’d be like if I asked you “How much food can I eat?” without telling you how hungry I am, how big I am, or the sort of food I’m eating (If I’m eatting a huge T-Bone steak that’d be 1 thing to fill me vs say rice where I’ll eat hundreds of grains of rice).

I thought it was a top down game, i saw your website only briefly because it started immediately to trying to redirect me though an unsafe https connection…

You can potentially use instances for everything that is rendered more than once, but you’ll have to design your game in a proper way to get the best out of it, it’s not a drop-in optimization. My initial thought was that you were building an Age of empire like game, that would be much easier because you could use very aggressive instancing on the top down view and normal rendering for battle stages.

You can do it even if the ground is not flat, but the gpu will have to know where to position the instances somehow.

My initial answer is still valid though, many , just slightly less many.

Thnx every one for support :slight_smile:

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Thnx for your suggestion ,but some times i have some vague question that need not exact at all answer to get some general idea or inspiration,as well as simply some communication to other developers(as i’m one man team and cant get any knowledge from team or cooporation learning). But thnx for your suggestion :slight_smile: .

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