[Solved] 2D Framework Zooming/Scaling problem

Hey i have a question,

i write a game in the 2D framework and now i want to zoom/scale the whole gamelayer.
I want that on each resoltuion the same content of the game is visible.

Here is a picture of my game

And here is a picture when i only scale the player

My problem is when i only scale each element in the game it is blurred.

Is there a way to scale or zoom the whole gamelayer and then it is not blurred?

I hope it is clear what i mean :smile:

Are you using Texture/Texture2D for the sprite?

There’s min/mag filter options on those objects to disable interpolation between pixels, and if both are turned off, will give that sharp edge you are looking for.

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As for the rest, maybe render it onto a new texture, and render the new texture rather than the game content?

There’s an example in the JME tests for rendering to texture.

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Thanks for the answer.

I use the AnimElement in the tonegodgui, but i can look there for this filter options :smile:

Oh, ok. I’m not going to down shoot your choice of implementation, but I think depending on the usage scenario, it’d be best to avoid doing it that way, and just use the guiNode and Texture objects.

This way you would also have an easier way of finding further solutions as I’m sure there is a vast majority people who know far more about JME’s core than they do plugins/libraries.

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Ok, i found a solution for my problem. The AnimElement uses Textures and i set there now the filter options and it works thanks :smiley:

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