[SOLVED] A little problem with the 3.1

So, I decided to move my project to JME 3.1. When I opened my 3.0 project in the new one, it said that jme3 and jme3-libraries packages were missing. I removed these two and added all the packages containing the word jme3. It works now. But is it the best solution? Or it is supposed to not have any problems at opening older projects?


Hoping I’m not wrong… but I think a bunch of jme packages were renamed (reorganized and so on) and so some of your imports point to the wrong location. To solve it, I think you need to go through your code, delete the imports and ask the ide to re-add the correct imports for you. Adding the old jme libraries shouldn’t be done.

3.1 being a major revision, it was made with the idea it’s ok if it breaks stuff (my experience was that moving to 3.1 was a breeze).

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Make a new project and copy over the src and assets folders contents. Theres actually commented code in 3.1 that tells you to do so when you open an old project. This also allows you to easily switch back in case 3.1 doesn’t work out for you.


Ok, thanks for your answer @normen!