[SOLVED] About Beginner's Guide and A Practical Guide books

Hello monkeys :monkey_face: !

I’ve read Beginner’s Guide book and liked it so much. Now i’m looking for another book to read and I was wondering if jMonkey Engine 3.0 - Game Development: A Practical Guide worth reading. I’m not talking about content’s quality, because I know it is, but I mean if there are uncovered features on Beginner’s Guide that this book covers or if they are the same, but with a practical perspective.

Someone read both already and can say me?

All three books cover different aspects of the engine and game development, really. I’d say it makes sense to have all of them if you like this way of learning.

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Thanks, I’ll read it so.

The jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Cookbook does not follow the same template as the jMonkeyEngine 3.0 : Beginner’s Guide in the sense that it does not guide you through each aspect (edit: of a whole project) and does not cover the most basic things, like scenegraph manipulation. Each chapter has a number of specific features that many game developers find themselves facing and guide you through a solution (still step-by-step).
The exception is the Networking/SpiderMonkey chapter where you really need to start with the very basics and work yourself up. There really are no shortcuts to making a networked game :smile:
Check out the table of contents to see what it covers!