[Solved]Adding BLabels with a transparent image above other components!

Adding BLabels with a transparent image above other components makes the not usable. however i want to the image with transparency to cover some parts of the component, and yet be able to use it! but if i add it before (so that i still can use the component) it gets below the component and don't cover it as i wanted! using consumeMouseEvents(false) and setEnabled(false) won't work, be it set before or after adding the BLabel to the BWindow

hope it was understandable.

thx in advace!

package States.HUD.GUIAdaptations;

import com.jmex.bui.BComponent;
import com.jmex.bui.BLabel;
import com.jmex.bui.icon.BIcon;

 * This class extends BLabel to make a BLabel that will ignore mouse clicks if
 * it's ConsumeMouseEvents is set to false!
 * @author Rafael Guedes Martins
public class GLabel extends BLabel {

    public GLabel(String text) {
        super(text, null);

    public GLabel(BIcon icon) {
        super(icon, null, null);

    public GLabel(BIcon icon, String styleClass) {
        super(icon, null, styleClass);

    public BComponent getHitComponent(int mx,
            int my) {
        if (isConsumeMouseEvents()) {
            if (isVisible() && (mx >= _x) && (my >= _y) &&
                    (mx < _x + _width) && (my < _y + _height)) {
                return this;
        return null;

It's working untill now at least ;D