[SOLVED] AlphaState and JME2?


I see a few topics about update/jar issues. I had not updated JME/JMEPhysics for a while. Is it me who's done something wrong, or classes like AlphaState are still being referenced by jmephysics while they've disappeared?

My JMEPhysics sources were downloaded this morning from cvs.dev.java.net.

Thanks for your time!

jME Physics CVS (java.net) is for jME CVS (1.0) and jME Physics SVN (code.google.com) is for jME SVN (after 1.0).

So as you seem to have switched jME to SVN you need to do the same for jME Physics.

Ah thanks, solved!

I've run into this issue as well, but I don't understand the given solution. 

jme 2 versions: