[SOLVED] Ambient Lighting does not affect certain Spatials

Hey Guys,
“Simple” Problem:
I have a character which is added directly to the rootNode and I have the “World”, which is also added to the rootNode but contains of a Node hierarchy.

My Light-Setup is:

DirectionalLight spot = new DirectionalLight();
spot.setDirection(new Vector3f(-1f, -1f, -1f).normalizeLocal());
AmbientLight a = new AmbientLight();
DirectionalLight antiSpot = new DirectionalLight();
antiSpot.setDirection(new Vector3f(0f, -1f, 0f).normalizeLocal());
DirectionalLight neuerSpot = new DirectionalLight();
neuerSpot.setDirection(new Vector3f(1f, 1f, 0f).normalizeLocal());

Now the odd thing is, only the chracter get’s fucking bright because of the 1.3f Ambient Light.
The rest of the World is dark on the “not-light-facing” side, but lit by the DirectionalLights (So it’s not because the Lights are added to a rootNode-child)

What could that be? I am suspecting a falsely set AmbientValue (like #0000 alpha 0) but since I already encountered that problem, I am fixing my whole scene graph (and also use that to use the same model with different colors multiple times)

I remember that there was another Material Parameter but don’t know which?

Can you show us a picture to see what is going on, please?

Most likely, the unaffected spatials have no ambient color set but have UseMaterialColors set to true.

Sorry for the late reply,
I am a bit embarrased, I should always check my assumptions before relying on them.

Indeed I commented out the line setting the Ambient Color for some reason.
For the understanding: What would useMaterialColors set to false do? (I searched the web but didn’t find it, only that you always use it in conjuction with Diffuse/Ambient).

Will it override the Texture with the Diffuse/Ambient color?

UseMaterialColors = true mixes Diffuse with the texture color and diffuse color of the light and mixes ambient with the texture color and the ambient light.

UserMaterialColors = false, mixes only light with texture… but in JME 3.0 the default ambient is black or dark gray or something.