[SOLVED] Animation Change Stutter/Blink?

Hi i have a problem with animation, i made a model on blender it has animation left step and animation right step.
“Right step” start pose is a copy pose of “left step” last pose, soo the other way around.
Now when i do use it ,on animation change character flips to some neutral position and that cuts fluidity of animatio.
What could i do with that ? I have no right tools to make a video soo … I can only give a model

Well first, assuming this is a walking animation is there any reason why both steps can’t be in one animation?

That aside, I was thinking of suggesting a blend time but I’m pretty sure there is a default blend time of 150ms… so perhaps you could try setting the animation with a blend time of 0.

Could be the issue is in your code.

I had this issue with my strafe left and strafe right animations, and I found that raising the blend time a lot higher helped fix it, but too high of a blend time also looks strange, and playing a third animation will cancel the blending from the first animation to the second, causing an even more noticeable stutter. The default blend time works for some of my animations, but seems too short for others… And the stutter is especially noticeable with movement animations, since a player can quickly cycle back and forth between side stepping left and right, causing both animations to only ever play 25% of the way through, in which case it won’t help that your start and end frames match.

I think I remember a while back someone having this problem, and it was because the blend time was longer than the step animation

Lets say i just need to have it step by step,like right step left step,if i mix them it’s not as pretty and smoth ,any way the same thing wouuld happen between walk and walk,soo the problem is passage between animations .
I’ve seen a blend time and setted it to 0 ,the problem is animation runs pretty fast now ,what should i do ?(exept chaning it in blender )

Fair enough. If it’s running fast set the channels’ speed lower? I’ve had problems with animations not running 100% smoothly but if as you said the character flips to some neutral position then that’s different, and could be your code, which we can’t see.

Its a common code from tutorial , there is no mutch to see really :smiley:


Setting the animation resets the speed, so you want

chanel.setSpeed(0.5f);//you said it's running fast so just try some values till you get what you like
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Thank you :slight_smile:

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