[SOLVED] AnimComposer Action Animation Percent

When running a given animation using AnimComposer, I need to know how much percent of that animation has been completed at a given time.
For example if an animation contains 30 frames and it’s running in a certain speed, then 50% value will indicate that 15 frames ran so far.
I saw that there is a getTime() method but I’m not sure if it can help. I need something like getCurrentFrame for calculating the percentage…

What do you think?

It’s all based on tweens… so the time is already the percent in some sense. Scaled from 0…1 then time is percent.

The way it’s implemented in the animation system I think there is a length, too… but then time/length is the percent. “Frames” don’t necessarily mean anything.

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OK, then it’s exactly what I need. Thanks!