[SOLVED] Antivirus deleted jmonkeyplatform64.exe, can someone give one copy of it to me?

So, my antivirus decided to go crazy and said my jME SDK had trojans. As a result it deleted my jmonkeyplatform64.exe. I really don’t want to have to download the jME SDK all over again, so can someone give me their jmonkeyplatform64.exe, located in \jmonkeyplatform\bin\ folder? My SDK is version 3.1-beta2-b001-SNAPSHOT.


Usually, when an Antivirus deletes something, it puts it in its quarantine. Have you checked that to see if you could restore the file?

Yes, I have checked. He immediatley deleted the file when the antivirus said the file couldn’t be restaured.

Ok, well here you go then: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/87153491/jmonkeyplatform64.exe. If I remember correctly my SDK version is 3.1 beta 2 b001. But can’t check at the moment.

Thanks, it’s working again!