[Solved] App "Dies" when android goes to standby

When my game is running and I put the phone on standby and then I get back in, the app is closed and sent to the backgroud and when selected it restarts.

checking the log I get these messages, but no apparent exception that causes this.

09-18 00:01:47.460: I/WindowState(823): WIN DEATH: Window{1c582fa5 u0 d0 com.foxoutofthebox.dominoes/com.foxoutofthebox.dominoes.MainActivity}
09-18 00:01:47.460: V/MediaPlayerService(293): disconnect(389) from pid 29811
09-18 00:01:47.460: I/ActivityManager(823): Process com.foxoutofthebox.dominoes (pid 29811)(adj 0) has died(107,262)

Any ideas on how to approach debugging this? I am using JME SDK 3.0

OK, this is only happens on Android phones but not on tablets. It also only happens if the game is in landscape mode

make sure this is in your manifest file when you declare your Main activity


Like in the following example

<activity android:label="@string/app_name"