[Solved] Attaching objects to specific vertexes in a model?

I am designing a character with animations in Blender that i will export as OgreXML and then import and convert to j3o.

Lets say i want it to have burning hands. Then i would attach a ParticleEmitter on it’s hands that follow the animation.

I’m also thinking about giving it a sword. When it is holding the sword it should follow the animation and always be in it’s hand. And the axe should be easy to remove from the character.

How do i achieve this? I imagine this would be done by getting the coordinates of a specific vertex in the model as a Vector3f and then setting the location of the sword or ParticleEmitter to that Vector3f.

Use bone animations then you can use the bone data to follow them.

See TestOgreAnim

Momoko_Fan said:
See TestOgreAnim

Just what I was looking for, thanks :) Will mark the thread as [solved] when I have tested it.