[SOLVED] BasicGame works, JME3 Tests doesn't

Background: fresh install, first look at JMonkey Engine 3…

Following manual, BasicGame works beautifully. I wanted to see some of the additional capabilities, so per the manual started a project using the JME3 Tests template.

Fixed the “missing junit / junit_4” problem as described here:

ach tee tee pee colon slash slash stackoverflow.com/questions/13538806/how-to-resolve-junit-library-in-jmonkeyengine3-project

Then, attempting to run any of the tests, like TestChooser.java, elicits a permissions issue - and I do not believe it’s file permissions - ergo:

/home/greg/JmeTests3/nbproject/build-impl.xml:401: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program “/home/greg/jmonkeyplatform/jdk/jre/bin/java” (in directory “/home/greg/JmeTests3”): error=13, Permission denied
Java Result: -1
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 1 second)

You can see the “Permission denied” error.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Ubuntu 14.03
Oracle JDK 7

chmod +x /home/greg/jmonkeyplatform/jdk/jre/bin/*


That did the trick. Thank you.