[SOLVED] Best way for a physics SciFi style door

Hi monkeys,

I’m trying to implement a door that opens in a scifi way. Something similar to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4V4uWsd-1c

But even with just the door disappearing on the floor is ok. In the beginning I thought to simply resolve with a MotionTrack and MotionPath. But then I realized that it works only with spatial and my door needs to be physical in order to avoid CharacterControl to pass through it. So I tried with HingeJoint and enableMotor but it seems a little bit too complicated to use for the effect I would like to obtain. So before spending to much time trying to implement a solution I prefer to ask your wise opinion :).

So what is in your opinion the best approach to solve this problem? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

Not sure exactly what you want to do with it but a simple solution would be to have that as an animation, and have 2 collisionshapes. Which change depending on the state of the door. When door is closed/opening/closing have a box collisionshape covering it all.

Just moving a spatial with a kinematic rigid body up/down will also give you this result in a simple way.

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Thanks guys for the prompt reply.

@normen: my god the solution was really so simple I feel ashamed of having ask in the firs place. I simply put:


And that’s it. Everything works perfectly. :smiley:

Thanks again guys, really appreciated.