[Solved] Black Screen after a dinamycPhisicNode disappear from the cam view

hi guys!

My problem is very simple. As says the subject, everything works fine. My game is a first person shooter, the player throws snow balls. The game run perfect, I shoot the first ball and works fine. But when the ball disappear from the cam view (i.e., from the player view) the famous black screen appear. I tried a lot of things and read all the forum topics about this, but I can't solve it.

I have the black screen until I focus the cam againts the snow ball. When I found it, everything continues fine. I have only a staticphysicnode (a room) and the ball is a DynamicPhysicNode. It is a SimplePhysicGame.

any clue?

thanks in advance!!

update your model bounds. (they tell the renderer when something is visible)

thanks Empire Phoenix for your response.

I update the models everytime i attach to the rootNode. I mean, in the constructor of SnowBall I do:

dynamicNode.setModelBound(new BoundingBox());



but the black screen still appearing when the ball fall outside the camera view.

Do you mean this solution or something else that i've missed?


What about your static map? you updated it's modelbounds as well?

the problem was that the target (where the balls hits) didn't update the modelbounds. Y add it in the StaticPhysicNode and everything goes on wheels.

thank you empire!