[SOLVED] Building native bullet on windows, what is the secret?

I’m currently trying to get the native build to run on windows for the physic engine,
however I’m like constantly running into walls (linux worked out of the box)

So first run, saying needs visualstudio, clang or gcc
→ clang is not working with windows so used visualstudio 2015
Since then I have not managed how to add the jni.h files to the include path, as apparently the old INCLUDE Environment setting is not working anymore.
Did anyone manage to build bullet for windows? I need this to run, in order to add some missing functionality to the wrapper used for jme.

I’m not really a windows developer anymore and hardly ever use Visual C++ anymore… but my recollection is that there should be an environment script you can run from the command line that sets up Visual Studio’s standard environment variables.

…if you find that script then it might give a clue how to set the global includes.

Otherwise, I guess the normal way would be to specify it on the compiler command line using -I or whatever.

You can compile it with mingw on linux, you just have to replace g++ with x86_64-w64-mingw32-g++ (or i686-w64-mingw32-g++ if you compile for 32 bit)

I finally managed to buiol dit :slight_smile:

So for some reason visual studio is fucked on my normal desktop, it is just not recognized by gradle.(reinstalling ect. does not help at all)
Using a virtualmachine, with stock windows 10, installing visualstudio gradle ajva ect. works out of the box…

Thanks windows :confused: