[SOLVED] Can I install JMonkey on a USB Stick?

Hello guys! Since school started to me again and I’ve got huge lunch times, I had the idea to install the JME SDK to my USB Flash so I can work in the library and anywhere. I think the installer already contains the necessary natives and even the JDK. But does it work? I can’t figure that out, since the installer is huge and is going to take a while to download xD.


I don’t have any experience with that but generally it should work being installed anywhere. The thing is that the settings and updates are always stored in the user folder so you’d have to update and set up it on each machine you use.

Thanks for the reply @normen! I don’t mind having that issue, since I will work mostly in my PC.

BTW, I decided to install JMonkey 3.1 in my PC. Is there a way to install in the JMonkey 3.0 folder, to keep the configs and other customizations?

That wouldn’t do what you want because as I said the settings are stored in the user folder. The two versions have different settings folders because they are not 100% compatible so you can keep working with older projects while testing 3.1

@normen Ok, thanks for the info!

Might not be optimal. You could install eclipse to a usb and load the JMK jars also.

I haven’t tried it myself, but anyway…

Maybe this link will help you. It’s the stand-alone and portable version of NetBeans, which is the base of the SDK. I think it should be possible to port the SDK-stuff to this. If the version is to new, look at this website. In the forum, there should be links to older portable versions.