[Solved] Cannot load blender (.blend and ogre) model

I tried to import the exported .mesh.xml model from Blender to the SDK. The material kinda breaks and the animControl is null, even though we can see one in the SDK. When I try to use it, it launches an exception and removes the mesh.


I also tryed to directly use the .mesh.xml in my application but the problems are the same. Same thing with .blend.

JME3 v3.1.0-stable

Search is your friend.


Thanks, I’ll check it out ASAP. Actually, using the sdk was my last resort because using the .blend directly in my game didn’t work and I couldn’t find solutions to the ogre importer nor the blend one :confused:

Another problem with importing .blend assets is that jme3 loads the whole thing as a scene. However, I just want a simple model, not a more complicated hierarchy with lights and cameras. Also, it still cannot load the animations, i.e. there are no AnimControls.

When importing a .blend into the SDK, I get those errors.

My partner said he applied a “modifier” for those red warnings in Blender but in vain.

The only time I see an AnimControl whilst importing a model through the SDK, it’s with an ogre.mesh model but the AnimControl is null.

Two things to know.

If importing a model with blender importer, you are using actions and they must be baked.

If importing models with Ogre, they are NLA strips, not actions.

Edit: Models must have a triangle mesh, but since your partner says they applied the modifier, might want to make sure by looking at it in edit mode. Looks like something was missed.

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My partner and I were going through all the steps and tutorials to export, import and integrate a Blender model again and we found out that he used the ogre mesh exporter from the SDK… He uses the newest version of Blender but the old ogre mesh exporter from the v3.1.0-stable version of the SDK. That was the problem. Thank you very much. Your previous link was helpful :slight_smile:

A Couple of things worth noting here:

  • The Triangulation Messages are Warnings, not Errors.
  • When Importing a Blender File you get it’s contents. If you don’t want the Lights and Cameras either delete them in blender or in the j3o.
  • Always use j3o as the model format, because else you suffer huge performance impacts and inconsistent behavior.
  • The best way to import models is to use xbuf at the moment, it’s basically a blender addon designed with jme in mind, so it does all the things like applying modifiers automatically (though you have to lay out NLATracks manually)
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