[SOLVED] Can't run compiled JAR Java.nullpointerException [jMonkeyEngine SDK 3.1, JDK 8]


You said I have to put external JARs into the project.

“if you got external JARS you can add it here.”

if, can - this are conditional words




you see, the main problem since you created this topic was lack of information about your true issue. i still dont know why you edit MANIFEST and copy assets. i really dont know.

we do not read in mind, you need provide step by step:

  1. What is what you want do
  2. What you tried - detailed
  3. What question you got for us - detailed


because now i could only guess…

one simple sentence:
You want receive help? You need help us understand you and your problem


so, i guess your problem is solved?

or not?


it is