[Solved] Collision detected! But not at the right place :(

Negative as in very negative, or negative as in very close to zero? Maybe it is just a simple floating point rounding error…

Well, instead of z = 0, i get very bad things like z= -1,2 or worse.

The "wall" (Box) is 10x10x10.

Using the "toggle_wire" function, I feel like this error happens when the ray intersects with the edges of a triangle, as if it could not see the triangle border.

Could that be a clue?

Well, the only thing that comes to mind is that the ray is actually "falling-through" between triangles, then… No clue how to fix it, sorry!  ://

np, thanks anyway!

Bedtime now. Tomorrow will bring new ideas :slight_smile:

Just came across Physics.

This makes me feel like it's possible to make a game now :slight_smile: