[solved] com.jmex.model.* not found


I am new to JME and would like to load a model. Therefore I use the example code which I found on the website. Therefore I have to include

import com.jmex.model.XMLparser.Converters.MaxToJme;
import com.jmex.model.XMLparser.Converters.Md3ToJme;
import com.jmex.model.XMLparser.Converters.MilkToJme;
import com.jmex.model.XMLparser.Converters.ObjToJme;
import com.jmex.model.XMLparser.Converters.Md2ToJme;

These classes are however not available in "jME jar version 00.11". Where can I get them?


You should try jME 1.0 or 2.0a … 0.11 is a very old version and several changes have been made.

Aye, use 1.0 or 2.0, the example code in both are also updated to their respective code versions, unlike some stuff on the site.

The package you seek (in the above versions) is:


The 2.0 download is referring to "google code". There I get get the message: "This project currently has no downloads."

You actually need to download the source version (from SVN) which you can do through SubClipse in Eclipse or use some command line arguments (check the Source tab in google-code).

Almost giving up, I cannot manage to checkout the repository

 svn checkout http://jmonkeyengine.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/jmonkeyengine-read-only

With turtoise SVN I get following message:

Server sent unexpected return value (400 Bad Request) in response to OPTIONS

Yeah there's nothing in downloads, if you go to the source tab it'll give you this:


The "jmonkey read only" bit is NOT part of the svn address :wink:

You could always use a web-crawler/spider to download from the http directly… If you are using Linux/Mac, wget would work with something like

wget -r -l 10 -np http://jmonkeyengine.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/src/

The web-version of the SVN repository can be accessed at


Thanks, I had just had to remove the read-only part of the svn repository.

Secondly, the model loaders of jme 2.x are not located in:

import com.jmex.model.XMLparser.Converters.*;

But are now in:

import com.jmex.model.converters.*;