[SOLVED] Compiling jme3.4, gradle errors out

I downloaded JME3.4 stable and tried to compile the code through command line (Windows) and I get the following error.

> Task :jme3-core:compileJava FAILED
D:\WorkSpace\jmonkey\jmonkeyengine-3.4.0-stable\jme3-core\src\main\java\com\jme3\asset\AssetManager.java:34: error: package com.jme3.asset.plugins does not exist
import com.jme3.asset.plugins.ClasspathLocator;

All I did was download from github and unzipped it and ran gradle build.


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Did you run “gradle” or “gradlew”?

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I figured it out. I changed to java 11 and it worked.

The instructions in “CONTRIBUTING.md” say to “run ‘gradle build’”, which only works if you’ve installed particular versions of Gradle.

Those instructions date back to 2014.

I’ll submit a PR to correct the instructions.