[SOLVED] Contrib – Module issue

i wanted to create a plugin , following this page : Creating a jMonkeyEngine SDK plugin :: jMonkeyEngine Docs

the folder i use for the jme platform is “C:Program Filesjmonkeyplatform” and seems to be recognized at first

but i get this error as i try to create a module for jme

The selected platform is invalid. You may choose a valid one or resolve the invalid platform in NetBeans Platform Manager.


ok, sorry, my bad, i closed the wizard, and now it is working

…are you using RC1? you really shouldn’t do plugins or anything with that really.

?? i don’t know, i had troublesadding the libs to the plugin module

sow what is the correct way to create a plugin

I was just asking because of the error. Use the 3.0Beta version updated with all stable plugins and follow the instructions in the manual/wiki.