[Solved] Creating a bitmap font using the SDK "No ProjectAssetManager found!"

EDIT: oops… I was using the JME Tests project, it worked when using the BasicGame project…

I am trying to create a bitmapfont using the SDK, but as soon I finish the setup, I see this message “No ProjectAssetManager found!” and no png is created anywhere (neither the workspace, nor the sdk install folder nor the sdk settings folder). I created a project and tried to create the font inside of it. What am I doing wrong?

I tried with the SDK 3.0 and 3.1a4, same error I got.

I am using these tutorials:

PS.: the second one also points out to we check the license of the fonts, but interestingly enough most of the “free fonts” licenses (when they are available at all) doesnt seem compatible with BSD license… I am still looking for a monospaced font, under BSD license… any tip?
EDIT: Droid Sans Mono Font Free by Google Android | Font Squirrel, apache 2.0 license