[SOLVED] Creating Module Suite

Hi i am trying to set up my project for contribution.
I am using the wiki pages:

My problem here is that i can’t even create a Module Suite with the jme3 SDK.
Because i am not used to Netbeans(usig eclipse most of the time) it took some time to realize that the entry in new Project is missing.
I downloaded a plai version of Netbeans in which i can create a Module Suite.

Is there a way to create a Module Suite with the SDK setup or do i have to use the plain Netbeans?

You can use the jMEDK, but there’s a NetBeans plugin you need to download, can’t remember what its called, but the name should be clear.


To get “Module Suite” option in “New Project” Wizard you need to install the “NetBeans Plugin Development” Plugin!

Thank you for pointing that out!

First point of the first link you sent…

Jup you are right i read the headline
“Using jMonkeyEngine SDK for development”

And skiped that because i thought of “general” development.