[SOLVED] Creating tiny objects

Hello, I can’t seem to find relevant questions/answers regarding to my requirements so decided to post it here.

I Need to create a very small object (sphere/box).

Independent on how close the camera is I want the objects to stay very small. Would this only be achievable by destroying/hiding the objects close to the camera or is there another way of doing this.

Since I need the objects very small it shouldn’t matter whether it’s a box/sphere or something else.

I also need the maximum number of them that’s possible on screen that would still allow for roughly 30fps view on a medium range desktop machine. What would be the best options to make this possible.

Attaching a link for pictures of what I’ve got now (yellow spheres) and what I want to achieve (white pixel size objects). For those who are wondering I need to make something like the SkyServer Galaxy Explorer by Tamas Szalay.


Use a point mesh. The points will never be larger than a pixel.


Excellent, thank you very much.

And note: the key will be to have many points per mesh and not one mesh per point… else you will kill your performance.

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