[Solved] Cursor out of jme window

I’ve noticed that often when I run my app, the mouse white arrow stays out of the app windows, so if I had a chaseCam, keys work normally, but mouse works only with draggin [while the LMB is pressed and hold down the arrow disapper into the window as it would and the camera moves]. It’s strange because if I run the default WalkingCharTest it doesn’t have this problem.

What can be?



Its two different behaviours. The click to drag thing is more for Applets and Swing applications.

I don’t really understand the issue, but i added recently a dragToRotate flag to the chase camera.

Set to false and the camera will always rotate with mouse movement (like the flyCam)

Neither do I. After a fresh reinstall of JMP it seems to be ok. Sorry for opening a new topic about this: maybe was win7 to take the input focus out of the window… If the problem come back again, I’ll write here. But for now the problem is solved.

Thanks btw,