[SOLVED] Data directory continually gets auto-deleted from /bin (Eclipse 3.5)

Hi all,

Just on the offchance that anyone else is using Eclipse 3.5 and the ResourceLocatorTool/SimpleResourceLocator to do their asset loading…

My data folder (which is situated in bin/ ) keeps getting nailed by Eclipse for some reason. It doesn't ask; it just deletes at some point and then later on I find out my assets are missing when SimpleResourceLocator throws an NPE hissy-fit.

Has anyone else had this problem?

SOLUTION: Apparently (I did not know this) one is meant to put one's assets somewhere in the source tree (src/).

Once I'd done that, I went to Project->Clean… and cleaned out my project's build states. Once OK is hit, provided you now have your assets folder somewhere in /src, Eclipse will rebuild and create a copy of your assets folder in /bin.

Bottom line, don't put stuff in /bin if it is set to be Eclipse's default build folder (see Project->Properties->Java Build Path), because that means Eclipse will flush out that directory when rebuilding, as it sees fit.

And yes, I'm new to using Java with Eclipse!