[solved] Disable chase-cam rolling?

I’m using a chase cam attached to a vehicle. The vehicle is physics enabled, and has weels (like in the physics vehicle tests). The camera keeps rolling all the time tho, unless the vehicle is standing on a flat surface. I want it to only rotate around y and x. Anyone know if this can be fixed somehow?

I found implementing my own Camera control code rather easy and straight forward. Imho chase and fly cams are a good solution, if one does not know yet, what kind of feeling the camera control should give the user. In my case, I implemented a fixed first person control, that takes y axis rotation and translation from the attached character node, and x axis rotation from a mouse input listener. Maybe something similar would be fine in your case. Maybe the game would be easier to play, if the camera would have fixed location behind and above your vehicle. Or it might be more imersive, if the camera would be attached slightly above the engine.

Never mind. The chase camera takes the initial rotation of the camera, stores it, and uses that in all calculations. I had a default camera view some way above the terrain pointing slightly down, which caused the camera view to always use that as basis for the rotations.