[Solved] - Disable JMonkeyPlatform Jungle sound

It’s a “dumb” question:

Where is the switch-off? I can’t find it in the program. Is there some configuration to edit? I’m from win7.

It’s supposed to stop when you quit the welcome screen.

m… Maybe I’ve some problem with audio because I now realize that all off the audio test throws me exceptions, but for now I just want disable the main sound. If you mean the welcome screen was the window with the big monkey head, it isn’t here because after the first jmp run I’ve disable it, but the sound is still here. Is there some line in the configuration file to edit?

Look at this post Normen talks about a way to disable it


Thank you!

For all: If your welcome sound still remains even if you chose to never “see” it again, go to:

Tools → Plugins → Installed

Find “Welcome Screen” and “Deactivate”.

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