[SOLVED] Display issues when reloading simple game in same JVM

the snippet looks like you are launching 2 simple games simultaneously…

This is the same problem that we have with multiple editors in MW3D. jME is to be used only in one instance. Thats the problem. There are some resources that don't get freed. We didn't find a solution to have to editors open side-by-side yet (which in your case would mean two games running at the same time), but at least we can open another editor after the first one is closed, using this code:

if (getDisplaySystem() != null && getDisplaySystem().getRenderer() != null)

This might help with your problem. Maybe there is some similar functionality for lights and others

Thanks for the feedback

basixs said:

the snippet looks like you are launching 2 simple games simultaneously...

hmm it doesn't, it's monothread so it won't step forward to sg2.start(); until sg1 finishes


I'll have a look at how Std game has been implemented, that one might help as well.