[SOLVED] Error editing java source

I just installed jMonkeyEngine 3.4.1-stable (had no previous version) on opensuse 15.4.
I have the whole system up to date and can run the demos I’ve tested on JME3.
But when I try to edit the java source, or with a new project, it gives me an error and all the text disappears.

I put an image with the data of about jmonkey

And another image with the error that occurs

It has a solution?
I would like to try this engine to make a game for Android.
Thanks and regards.

Sounds related to this:

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Yeah, looks like the exact same error. I rewrote the history unfortunately. So just re-download (and follow the instructions on deleting the folders). There is also now 2022 in the about box as copyright year to see the difference. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks a lot.
Now the editor works fine.