[SOLVED] Exception when migrating to JME 3.3

I think we’re going around in circles…

I replaced jme-core and the issue remain and darkchaos wrote something about a message which still looks like the old message so I thought maybe there is another jar which needs to be replaced…

Where did you replace the jar from? This may be your issue.

I compiled master sources, then took the jar named: jme3-core-3.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
and put it insted of jar: jme3-core.jar in my project’s lib folder

so you need to either reference the new jme3-core-3.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar or delete the old one and rename the new one to jme3-core.jar.

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I think I deleted the old one but I’ll try again just to be sure

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@jayfella you were right! now I don’t get this exception. Something strange is happening with some of the animations. some of them are not working (GLTF models from sketchfab) but I’ll check and open a new thread about it when I have more information