[SOLVED]Filters keep original texture

Feel like I’ve been making a new topic every day recently, but here goes.

Been really getting into these filters, messing with the current shaders. My question is how do you keep a copy of the original texture?

For example:

-initial render
-filter2(takes result from filter 1, but also the original unfiltered render)

Suppose I want to use filter1, then send filter2 both the result of filter1, and the original unfiltered render?

I do this using multiple FilterPasses, have a look at BloomFilter and see how it

  • uses the original texture in the hBlur pass; then
  • uses the hBlur result as an input texture for vBlur; then
  • uses the output from vBlur, and the original texture in the final material.

Awesome, thanks, working perfectly.