[SOLVED] Flat geoms at GuiNode

Hi i try to add a geometry to gui node , but it is flat .
I tried to give it same depth as height , but it gave no result.

Soo my question is , is it supposed to be soo (flat ) or there is some thing wrong in what i’m doing

 this.node =(Node) menu.getOasis().
     ("Models/Menu/Tasti/UniversalBotton/UniversalBotton.j3o") ;
 Light light= new AmbientLight(ColorRGBA.White);
    node.setLocalTranslation(menu.getOasis().getExe().getAppSettings().getWidth() / 2,
    menu.getOasis().getExe().getAppSettings().getHeight() / 2, 0);//middle of screen
    node.setLocalScale(menu.getOasis().getExe().getAppSettings().getWidth() / 8,
    menu.getOasis().getExe().getAppSettings().getHeight() / 4,  
    menu.getOasis().getExe().getAppSettings().getWidth() / 8);


this is how guiNode works,

  • everything in rootNode is perspective projection
  • everything in guiNode is orthographic projection


  • everything in guiNode 1 unit = 1 pixel
  • camera location and rotation affects only rootNode view rener

so if you want to have real perspective depth, you should use rootNode.
You will see all sides in guiNode, but like you said, it will be like flat.

please note you could change perspective for both nodes, but it would be not correct.

also images:



Thank you

This is normal behaviour. The issues you are having have nothing to do with the projection. It is the Gui bucket that scales the z coordinate to 0. And the Gui node is in the Gui bucket.

So no, there is nothing wrong with what you are doing :slight_smile:
What is it that you like to accomplish?

I think somewhere on the forum there is an example of creating a custom viewport that allows 3d (ortho projected) models without a flattened Z.

Oh… looks like I also added one to the Lemur Demos package: