[SOLVED] Getting the latest version of BetterCharacterControl source code

Hi o/

I want to make improvements on the com.jme3.bullet.control.BetterCharacterControl, but don’t want to create a completely own class. Unfortunately, I’m struggling to find the source code - there is no such package, at least not in the sources I downloaded. I found something on Google code, but not sure what version that is.
Can someone please tell me where I can find the latest version of the BetterCharacterControl? Or any other class for that matter. A HTML view works fine - I just want to make sure that if I modify something, the base is not outdated.

When you went to google code… did you not see the gigantic message at the top:

Hah, indeed my brain zoomed in for the “Source” tab right away and didn’t bother with any page content. So no, I didn’t see it.
Works perfectly fine, thank you :smile:

I suggest you to read this. There are some improvements already done, but nothing official.

You can simply extend the class and change it according to your needs, thats kind of the purpose as the bullet character couldn’t easily be extended and changed. You can also see the source in the SDK by right-clicking the class name and selecting “Navigate to source”.