[SOLVED] Git without Git Bash

Test push worked to. Didn’t expect to see an empty .gitconfig though.

Thanks for the reply Paul. You were right from start. User error.

You should be able to run standard command line git from the windows command shell. Check some of the later answers to this stackoverflow question if running git --version gives you no response.

An empty .gitconfig means that your git installation was never customized - everything is at default.

Manually editing .gitconfig is really not recommended, as you can break it in some… special… ways. Just make sure that the git binary is on your $PATH, and interact from a standard command prompt.

EDIT: Akkkk! Ninja replied, and I’m too slow!

Thankfully all that matters is if user.name and email are set.

This editor will change wiki editing. Cant wait to reveal it to community. Everything in one place, editing with code completion and syntax highlighting, preview, and git all in same view.