[solved] glow effect that can be switched on and off


I tried doing that to save and load the material on the various objects in my game. And it worked sweet when there was just one geometry. What do you recommend if there are objects with several geometries, each with its own material? I can’t save a whole tree of geometry materials just because I want a glow effect right?

Is there are easy way to just add the glow effect and then remove it from specific Nodes???

the solution should work on both multiple materials and materials with glow. But i don’t understand how to do it

Nevermind, solved it…

Wow, the jmonkey interface is simply elegant…

For future referencing, you have to do exactly that…A whole tree of geometries. However with the code in the link of the first post, you just have to set and get the materials from the geometries in the code. Save them in an array list full of Materials and you are done! Any materials you want can be used and removed afterwards!